Professional Home Inspection Institute review

Professional Home Inspection Institute Review

Professional Home Inspection Institute is an online learning platform helping to license new home inspectors. Depending on your state, it may be a requirement to be licensed before practicing, but with so many home inspection schools, the decision can be overwhelming. We’ve made it easier by breaking down the best options, including this Professional Home Inspection Institute review.

Overview Of Professional Home Inspection Institute

Professional Home Inspection Institute, or PHII, is a division of Be Online Inc., or BOI, which is an online education system for different businesses across the web. When speaking about PHII, it’s impossible not to also cover a bit of Be Online Inc. as well.

BOI was among the first to introduce interactive online training as an educational tool decades ago. Since that point, BOI has completely dominated the arena, helping to produce quality content for a number of professions.

Specialties include interactive course development, management systems, learning content management, and similar tools. Because PHII was built off of BOI, it’s important to know a bit about that company, especially as it is BBB accredited and VA-approved.

In working with BOI, Professional Home Inspection Institute quickly became a front runner in the online home inspection space. Professional Home Inspection Institute is committed to giving students an effective but fast path toward becoming professional home inspectors.

PHII has numerous, hefty credentials and awards, including being a Better Business Bureau member like its online platform provider, BOI. PHII is also an approved training provider by Workforce Investment Act, or WIA training, in varying states.

Other accreditations and approvals include:

  • Veterans Administration Approved Classroom Training
  • ASHI National Association Affiliate
  • AHI National Association Accredited
  • Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC)
  • Allen Insurance E&O Approved Training
  • InspectorPro E&O Approved Training
  • OREP E&O Insurance Approved Training
  • ALIA E&O Insurance Approved Training
  • Florida Association Of Building Inspectors (FABI)
  • California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA)
  • Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board Approved
  • Connecticut Home Inspection Licensing Board Approved
  • Florida Department of Professional Regulation Approved
  • Indiana Home Inspectors Licensing Board Approved
  • Illinois Division Of Professional Regulation Approved
  • Kansas Home Inspectors Registration Board Approved
  • Maryland Home Inspector Licensing Division
  • New Hampshire Board of Home Inspectors
  • New Jersey Home Inspector Continuing Education
  • New York Home Inspector Licensing Division
  • Oklahoma Construction Industry Board Approved
  • Oregon Construction Contractors Board Approved
  • South Dakota Real Estate Commission Approved Course
  • Tennessee Home Inspector Licensing Board Approved
  • West Virginia Commission Approved
  • National Radon Safety Board (NRSB)
  • National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP)

In-Depth Look At Professional Home Inspection Institute

Professional Home Inspection InstituteProfessional Home Inspection Institute offers an online and in-person training option with classroom learning and in-field training. Because PHII is offered across the country, we’re going to take a look at one state’s program to better understand the specific offerings of PHII as a home inspection certifier.

For more information on the state you wish to license in, be sure to visit the website. Though, you can use PHII’s California program as a general introduction to what the school has to offer. Some states do require an all in-person learning experience for pre-licensing work, and others allow for a hybrid. California is one of the hybrid states.

Professional Home Inspection Institute prides itself on offering immense value, which is reflected in course offerings. Students can expect their courses to be taught by well-qualified professionals with experience in the home inspection and real estate field. All of which is aimed at preparing you for certification within just a few weeks time span via classroom work, quizzes, and field training.

Regardless of the format, if you choose to study at Professional Home Inspection Institute, you will learn everything you need to know. PHII will help you learn what you need to inspect, how to inspect it, and how to write a report according to California standards (or whichever state you reside in).

In-Person Learning

If you’re hoping to study completely in person at Professional Home Inspection Institute, it is quite a hurdle to do so. The only physical training base for the school is in South Dakota.

Therefore, for students who live in a state where in-person studying is the requirement for licensing, PHII is probably not the best choice unless you want to commute to South Dakota.

Professional Home Inspection Institute’s Online Learning

This home inspection school does offer online and in-person coursework, though it will vary depending on your state. For California, students can expect an equally thorough course on both fronts as in-person learning is adapted into online learning seamlessly. Both versions have the same lessons, same field assignments, and same report writing.

Online learners will benefit from the interactive BOI software and a self-paced course model. There, they will have access to lessons, quizzes, and tests (both pre and post-lesson), flashcards, video, and audio instruction, as well as feedback from instructors, so learning is not one-sided.

Professional Home Inspection Institute breaks their training down into steps to make it easier to manage. All course formats include lessons themed with learning objectives according to the national home inspection education standards. Additionally, you will be trained in state-specific content and according to local authorities.

The program is designed to work well with those that need more time. But that doesn’t mean people with previous real estate or related experience will need to slow down for the sake of their classmates. If you have a great grasp of concepts, you can move through the content quicker and finish at your earliest convenience.

If there are any gray areas, you can simply ask the instructor questions or revisit the materials until you’ve mastered them. A great way to navigate what you do and don’t know is the chapter quizzes. Not only will they tell you what you got wrong, but the software will also point you in the right direction for success.

Field-Training Breakdown

When it comes to the field training, both the online and in-person students will need to complete the requirements. In an effort for flexibility, students are permitted to even perform the hands-on activities in/on their own home. The goal is to develop actual experience, and there will be no lengthy field trips or over-the-top requests to do so.

More details on how field training works will be available when that lesson is reached, of course. However, it may put worries to rest knowing that much of the “real world” work can be done in your own home or any residence/building nearby, depending on the lesson.

Bonuses Included in Purchases

Included in your program is free home inspection reporting software. You’ll have access to this technology during and after the course to help you grow familiar with the process. Also included in the Professional Home Inspection Institute program is a light covering of radon, mold, allergens, and inspections for commercial properties.

You will also receive a free AHI membership. As part of the North American Home Inspectors, you will stay up to date on all things home inspection.

Licensing Process Breakdown

Once you’ve completed your course work, hands-on experience, and other necessary requirements, you’ll arrange to take the exam. Once you’ve taken and passed the final exam, you’re able to apply for licensing. Some states do not require you to have a license in order to practice home inspection, but an education at the very least is always helpful before diving into the career.

Subject Matter Covered in Professional Home Inspection Institute’s Program

As previously mentioned, the complex world of home inspection is broken down into lessons at Professional Home Inspection Institute. Each lesson will have a pre-quiz or original list of concepts, move into the lesson, and then have a final quiz to review progress and concepts.

The lessons include:

  1. Introduction to Home Inspection Terminology
  2. Exterior and Structure
  3. Radon in Air and Water
  4. Plumbing Systems
  5. Basement & Crawl Space
  6. Attic Inspection
  7. Insulation & Ventilation
  8. Limits and Exclusions for Home Inspection
  9. Roof Components
  10. Garage and Carport
  11. Mold and Allergens
  12. Bathrooms and Kitchens
  13. Conducting a Home Inspection
  14. Commercial Inspections
  15. Home Inspection Business Start-Up
  16. Electrical Systems
  17. Interior Components
  18. Heating and Air Conditioning

In general, expect to be fluent in systems of the home, what and how to inspect vs. what to avoid, operating your own business or marketing yourself to potential clients, and how to draft reports. All of the above lessons help to prepare you for these core principles.

Professional Home Inspection Institute Pricing

Based on our California example, the price for a course at the Professional Home Inspection Institute is $595, which at the time of writing this review seems to be a $100 discount. The normal price is $695.

Included in that price are the coursework, necessary materials, instructor support, and your certification of completion. You will also receive numerous benefits that help offset the cost of your tuition if you consider their values.

For example, the free reporting software included in your purchase is worth $399, which equals a large portion of your purchasing price. Now, if you don’t care for those materials, that isn’t much of a deal, but for those who know they’ll need it, this can be a great deal.

As for In-Person learning, the cost is $1995 for a one week to week and a half course at the school’s training base in South Dakota.

PHII also offers one-off classes for extra learning. When purchased separately, they bear a small cost.

  • Defect Recognition Course – hundreds of photos showing home defects with the goal of being easily identifiable when in field 8 hrs – $199
  • Simple Home Construction Course – overview of traditional single-story home construction 8 hrs – $199
  • House Framing Course – how to create the structure (frame) of a home 45 hrs – $299
  • Pool and Spa Inspection Course – how to inspect liners, decking, plumbing, electrical for pools 14 hrs – $199

These are a few examples of courses offered, and there are plenty more. None are required and are simply available for those interested. If you know that you will be working in an area with many pools, such as California, opting for the bonus course is a great idea.

Pros And Cons Of Using Professional Home Inspection Institute


Money-Back Guarantee

Professional Home Inspection Institute has a very generous money-back guarantee for clients who are not satisfied with their purchase. If you do not like your course for whatever reason, Professional Home Inspection Institute will refund your money.

Many Freebies Included

Your purchase doesn’t just include the curriculum. Instead, you’ll have access to many benefits, including alumni networks, software, and more. Having access to these immediately, and better yet, learning them as you navigate the course, the burden of transitioning to a practicing home inspector is eased a bit.

Course Tour Accessible Online

On PHII’s website is a course tour, which walks potential students through a course layout snippet. This is a great idea for exposing students to as many elements of the course as possible before they commit. It can minimize disappointment on the end of the student and frustration on the school’s end.

Moving at Your Own Pace

This course can be taken quickly or spread out over a longer period of time to accommodate your needs. This is especially useful because people of all backgrounds get into the home inspection industry. With different backgrounds come different experiences, and what one person might require timing-wise is not what another needs.


One Package Option

We prefer schools that offer students more than one option for the packages. This is so that every student can be accommodated regardless of the price they can spend or the amount of support they need. In this case, there is only one all-encompassing option.

In-Person Learning Only in South Dakota

For a truly live classroom experience, only students who can travel to South Dakota for a week or more are eligible. This is because the training base is located there, and the school does not have any satellite offices.

Students who live in states allowing for a hybrid can still attend Professional Home Inspection Institute as there is no in-person education requirement, only fieldwork, which PHII does via online guidance.

For those who live in states like New York that require even lessons to be done in person, the school is not equipped to do so. The only option is traveling to South Dakota or choosing another school.

Conclusion And Verdict

Analyzing Professional Home Inspection Institute Reviews

No Professional Home Inspection Institute review would be complete without analyzing what other students have to say about this institution. Indeed shows a collective 4.2 out of 5-star rating for Professional Home Inspection Institute.

Students praised the flexible class hours and structure, affordability, and career services, guidance, and preparation. Reviewers also mentioned how the school is great for all school levels, providing novices and semi-knowledgeable enrollees with thorough experiences based on their needs.

Final Verdict

Professional Home Inspection Institute is a great, thorough schooling option for hopeful home inspectors. It is clear that a lot of thought and care went into preparing the course outline and all the inclusions and bonuses students have access to upon purchase.

We, of course, can’t recommend this course to anyone living in a place that requires live training. However, for those residing in states that allow for online learning and real-world field training, or even completely online licensing programs, we can recommend the Professional Home Inspection Institute.

If you’re hesitant, we recommend browsing the online course model. This way, you have a better understanding of how the course will be laid out and make sure it works for you. Nonetheless, if you decide to give it a try, remember they do have a money-back guarantee.

That being said, we cannot recommend the Professional Home Inspection Institute over ICA Home Inspection School. ICA is a much better option for many reasons. Read more in our ICA Home Inspection School review.