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ICA Home Inspection Review (Inside Inspection Certification Associates)

Inspection Certification Associates, or ICA, is a home inspection training school. They offer a comprehensive education to help prepare students for their future as home inspectors. When searching for a school to earn your credentials, it’s important to weigh every option, beginning with this ICA home inspection review.

We actually went through this course and had access to it ourselves so we have first hand knowledge of the course and how it works.

(Disclosure: We are affiliate partners of ICA. This means, at no cost to you, we may earn a commission if you sign up for their training through our link.)

Overview Of Inspection Certification Associates

Inspection Certification Associates is one of the leading home inspection schools in the country. For over 20 years, this school has worked to provide students with a quality education that will prepare them for being excellent practicing home inspectors down the line.

ICA’s mission is clear and simple – preparing students via their coursework to become home inspectors. However, their means and drive to prepare students is much deeper than that. ICA works hard to create up-to-date, compelling courses that engage students and allow them to feel confident enough to go on and find success in the home inspection profession.

Steve Preins, the school’s Director of Education, is responsible for the training students are faced with everyday. He has been at it for over 20 years and has since come to organize a curriculum that is safe and effective. Steve has worked hard to craft effective content at ICA, and it shows. Students can expect their coursework to be up-to-date on current affairs, guidelines, and requirements as outlined by their state.

Together, the instructor team makes up more than 125 years of experience when combined, many of whom are award-winning professionals. Additionally, the school instructors have written up over 100,000 inspection reports. All of these numbers point to an extremely qualified team with plenty to offer its students.

Additionally, the school is committed to lifelong learning and thus, supplies students with immeasurable benefits like career mentoring and coaching as well as unlimited coursework access without any limitations, additional fees, or expiration dates.

Equally important is the school’s endorsement from the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI), International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), and the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA).

In-Depth Look At ICA

ICA home inspection review

An online and classroom option, Inspection Certification Associates works hard to provide the best experience for students. When enrolling in the course, expect instructor-led videos, downloadable content, and a comprehensive curriculum guide. Topics covered include commercial inspections, thermal imaging, using drones for inspecting, radon, mold, smart homes, mobile homes, HUD inspections, well water, septic, and termite courses!

To boil it down further, each aspect of the home and its inspection will be thoroughly discussed. So, for the home exterior lesson, students will cover the site and grading, exterior defects, porches and decks, paving, siding materials, trim, and vegetation. Not only is the course topographical, but it also delves into the most important things thereafter.

Online courses are self-paced, while in-person courses will be dependent on the instructor and the class’s predetermined schedule. Those in live courses can expect to be navigated through course materials with the help of the instructor. In-person courses also include field training that is simply not possible in the online coursework, though the school tries its best to emulate that experience.

All of these topics are covered in unique formats that allow for optimal learning. ICA is not concerned with the basics but rather pushing students to become the best they can be. Done via extensive teachings, courses, and interaction, Inspection Certification Associates does an excellent job preparing the next wave of inspectors.

ICA also includes a very extensive list of features included in its course on its webpage. Making course inclusions easily acceptable is great for potential students to get an understanding of what the school includes in its curriculum before committing.


The Inspection Certification Associates course model is all-inclusive, meaning it has everything you need to be successful. For the outlined price, students can expect the online program to cover all pertinent information, including requirements as outlined by the state. You can expect to receive a radon and mold certification as part of the program as well.

Meets All Standards

ICA must abide by the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). So, rest assured that your Real Estate Inspection Certification meets all current regulations. By receiving this certification, you are able to complete both residential and commercial property inspections.

Free Report Software

The tuition also includes Report From Pro Nitro, which is an excellent software program that helps to produce inspection reports. The software is available on all devices, which means it is versatile and ready to go when and where you need it to.

Though this benefit isn’t necessarily a course-based inclusion, it is worth mentioning as it does come with your purchase of ICA’s services. Ordinarily, the service would be $400, but you get it included with your course for free! It’s also great because you will be using the software during your training to obtain your license. So, upon graduation, you will know all you need about the software in anticipation of real-world use.

Inspection Certification Associates Retainer Training

Included in your package is also retainer training, which will help you stay up to date on everything you need to know as a practicing home inspector. Alumni can enjoy access from the date they graduate until they stop practicing. This means you can use the training materials forever at no additional cost. Other schools do not offer this.

Other Great Benefits

Other benefits of the course include that it can be downloaded to your device so that you can continually access it and study on the go, even if disconnected from the Wi-Fi. Not only is access unlimited, but chat options and support are available day after day in case a problem should arise. And the support does not stop after you graduate. ICA boasts lifetime support for graduates.

Inspection Certification Associates Bonus Courses

Depending on the state you are licensing in, you may also be able to access ICA’s uniquely applicable bonus courses. Some of these include a pool inspection course or wind mitigation inspection course. The school does not just offer a one-size-fits-all course and hopes that everyone benefits from it. Course offerings are unique, and bonus content is helpful for those that require it.

At this time, these courses include the following:

  • Commercial Property Inspection – Further training on commercial inspection according to ASTM requirements.
  • Marketing Home Inspectors – A how-to on building your own home inspection business and marketing it to be successful.
  • Mold Inspection – Self-explanatory, this course will guide you through a mold inspection course with four parts to inspect safely.
  • Radon Inspection – This delves into how to properly conduct radon inspections in four parts.
  • Mobile, Manufactured, Tiny, and Log Home Inspection – An online course that helps new home inspectors to understand homes that are not frame built.
  • Wood Destroying Organisms – You guessed it, this course will navigate termites and other organisms threatening a home’s structure.
  • Pool and Spa Inspection – Learning about pumps, filters, and similar components that contribute to a pool’s functionality.
  • Septic Inspection – Helps students understand septic systems and their moving parts to assess the condition.
  • Smart Home Inspection – A newer addition, smart home inspections look at the home’s technology, and this course will help students understand what determines the condition.
  • Thermal Imaging – Thermal imaging is a unique way to assess a home’s value. This course teaches how to do so properly via a few different methods.
  • Irrigation and Sprinkler System Inspection – Important for any home, especially in hot areas, is a high-functioning irrigation and sprinkler system. Here you can learn about the components that make it function.
  • Asbestos Inspection – Teaches students how to SAFELY assess asbestos and determine how to go about inspecting the issue.
  • Lead Paint Inspection – Once again, it is very important that inspectors safely assess lead homes. This course helps to navigate that.
  • Building a Multi-Inspector Business – Looking to scale up? They’ve got you covered. Here you’ll find tips and tricks for making your business shine
  • Well Water Testing and Inspection Course – An online course, well water testing and inspection is another important act. Not only will you learn how to detect harmful organisms, but also the correct course of action to fix the issue.

In-Person Locations and Exclusions

The in-person classroom instructions are only available in select states Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, and Arkansas. Aside from that, courses are only offered in an online format.

Inspection Certification Associates Pricing


Pricing for ICA Online Courses

Online courses are a universal price of $695. For that price, students will receive all necessary training according to the state’s guidelines. Students can enjoy all day and night access every day of the week and a flexible, self-paced course designed to work with each individual’s unique needs rather than against them.

This is comparable to other home inspection training schools and is actually on the lower end of pricing so it’s a very good deal.

Pricing for ICA Live Courses

Of the few in-person courses offered by Inspection Certification Associates, they are higher than the online course. The cost must be higher for in-person classes as there is so much more involved in running this type of live class.

Though the courses are considered to be all-inclusive, which is why only one package level is offered, the price is a high entry point for some. That said, the pricing for the live in-person course is lower than some schools so it may seem high, but it’s actually very comparable to other home inspection schools.

There are multiple options for each state, including city, time frame, and time of year. So, if selecting an in-person course, it should not be difficult to find one that works for your schedule.

  • Arkansas Pricing – $1,695.00
  • Georgia Pricing – $1,695
  • Illinois Pricing – $1,495.00
  • Indiana Pricing – $1,295.00
  • Kentucky Pricing – $1,695.00
  • Massachusetts Pricing – $1,695.00
  • Maryland Pricing – $1,495.00
  • North Carolina Pricing – $2,295.00
  • Virginia Pricing – $1,395.00
  • West Virginia Pricing – $1,495.00

Pros And Cons Of Using Inspection Certification Associates

Pros of ICA

Course Demo

Inspection Certification Associates provides a course demo for prospective students to look at before making a decision to enroll. As such, students can view the course via video and see how it can be navigated and what it consists of before purchasing. As you will see below, Inspection Certification Associates offers a limited refund policy, so it’s great to know if the course will work for you ahead of time.

Experienced Staff

Not only does the Director of Education have a great background with plenty of experience, but so does the rest of the staff. Everyone you will interact with as a student is very familiar with the home inspection industry. They will be able to provide excellent navigation for simple course-related questions and more complex career questions.

Online Flexibility

Using the online options for coursework, students can complete their learning in as little as a week and a half! On the other end, if time is constricted and you’re studying part-time, the course can be extended out to a month or more for completion.

Exam Preparation

Also included in the package is exam preparation. A great exam prep, including crash materials, practice tests, and similar items, is extremely important for the success of test-takers. Luckily, you won’t need to go shopping around for exam prep when you’re studying at Inspection Certification Associates. It’s all included.

Positive Reviews

ICA has received countless positive reviews from students across the country who praise their program. The total ratings average out to 4.8 stars, and that makes this real estate school a viable option, according to peers.

Continued Learning Materials

Not only does Inspection Certification Associates offer a podcast and written materials for the general public to access, but it also has more for students who purchase the course. You’ll find when you become a student at ICA that you are given specific materials for your state that help you to stay on top of new changes and regulations.

Lifetime Access

The materials that this school offers are made better by the fact that you can access them forever. That means so long as you’ve purchased a course with Inspection Certification Associates and you have your login info, you can go back and study or relearn any concepts you could use more experience with. Even 10-20 years in the future when you’re a well-established home inspector!

Bonus Courses

Included with your course purchase is access to bonus courses. These bonus courses can be used to study issues specific to your state or local area. They are not required but make for great additions to embellish your education so that you are best prepared for things you might see on the job.

Excellent Support

You will have access to support seven days a week. Everyday support means you can study when and how you need it but know that you will have a support system to lean back on every day of the week.

Multiple Accreditations

This school is accredited by ASHI, FABI, InterNACHI, and the California Real Estate Association. These certifications help to add an extra layer of security to your education, making sure that you receive all of the information necessary to practice home inspection.

No Time Limit for Completion

While some schools may require you to complete your work in as little as four-six months, Inspection Certification Associates does not place a time limit on course access at all and especially not so for completion. Their website states that most students take a month to complete the course, but those who require longer will not be punished.

Cons of ICA

Cancellation Policy

Inspection Certification Associates’ cancellation policy states that it will not accept requests for refunds or cancellations after the five-day mark. This leaves little room for emergency or on the off chance that you begin the coursework and realize the path to becoming a home inspector is no longer what you desire. If the issue is not addressed before the five-day mark, you’re unfortunately out of luck.

In-Person Pricing

While the online pricing is fairly standard for these types of courses (even better considering the lifetime benefits), the live classroom options are priced at a point that some will not be able to access. It may vary from state to state, but overall, in-person learning at Inspection Certification Associates will be a luxury for some. However, the price for the live in-person classes is still comparable to other home inspection schools.

Conclusion And Verdict

To round out this Inspection Certification Associates review, it’s important to take a look at what past students have to say about the school. From a graduate’s first hand perspective, sites like Indeed, TrustPilot, and similar are all great tools to find a wide breadth of an individual’s Inspection Certification Associates review.

Inspection Certification Associates is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The school has received an A+ rating, though it only became accredited in January of 2021. On their BBB page, the school has garnered 171 customer reviews totaling 4.98 stars out of 5. That’s a great rating for previous students to provide an overwhelmingly positive result. ICA has also received zero complaints! Great reviews and zero complaints definitely improve ICA’s standing as one of the top home inspecting schools.

On Indeed, ICA reviews are similar, with an overall rating of 4.6 stars. Individuals cite the courses as being very detailed and easy to follow. They also favor how the course took time to instruct on how to build and establish a company. When asked to choose yes or no on whether they would recommend the course to their friend, there was an overwhelming yes consensus.

Lastly, the school’s TrustPilot reviews show similar promise, with recent reviews stating that the instructors were fantastic. Reviewers also acknowledge the experience that instructors bring to the table and their ability to make the class feel family-like with a rallying pursuit of success.

Given the reviews across web pages and the excellent track record, including on BBB, plus the fact that we actually went inside and accessed the course ourselves, we are happy to recommend Inspection Certification Associates to all new and hopeful licensees. We also recommend the school for continuing education needs and to be a lifetime student. Regardless, this school will offer quality education you can’t find anywhere else!

ICA is our top choice and one of the best home inspection training schools on the market.