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5 Best Home Inspection Training Schools (State List)

With so many home inspection options out there, the choice of one can be a bit overwhelming. To help your decision-making process, we’ve rounded up this guide with the best home inspection training schools for you that are conveniently online. Below is everything you need to know in order to become a home inspector in your state!

Best Home Inspection Schools Overall

Inspection Certification Associates (ICA)

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Inspection Certification Associates, also known as ICA, is an excellent home inspector training program. The school offers courses online and few in-person meetings in select states. For the purpose of this guide, let’s focus on the online home inspector training, especially because it is nearly half the cost of in-person training!

ICA’s online program allows students to navigate comprehensive coursework at a pace that works best for them. So, if you require flexibility because you work a regular job during the week, rest assured, you can study all weekend via the school’s online portal.

This school is a great option if you’re looking for an all-in-one stop as everything you need is right here, included in your package. You can expect your courses to cover all necessary inspection points including the ins and outs, literally. You’ll learn how to inspect internal systems as well as external issues like decking and siding.

Course Breakdown

In addition to regular courses, the school also includes bonus materials that students can study. The goal of these bonus classes is to better cater curriculum to students, especially between geographical differences. For example, a student studying in a cold location may not appreciate studying four sessions of pool inspection when it doesn’t apply to them. However, a Florida or California student could use that extra knowledge.

Bonus courses can be found on the school’s websites. Topics can range from health and safety risks like mold and lead paint inspection down to tiny home inspections and more. These courses are meant to embellish your education, but they are not necessary.

ICA sits at the top of this best home inspection school list, and that’s based on all of its offerings as well as its excellent reviews from previous students. You can expect to pay $695 for the online learning course. However, keep in mind all of the benefits ICA offers including lifetime access (even long after you’re an established home inspector) AND a robust software system that is used to generate home inspection reports.

Check out our complete ICA home inspection review to learn more.

(Disclosure: We are affiliate partners of ICA. This means, at no cost to you, we may earn a commission if you sign up for their course through our link.)

ATI Home Inspection Training

ATI Training

Second on this list of home inspector training programs is ATI Home Inspection Training. ATI offers unique benefits for its students and few detriments, which is why it falls just behind the top pick, ICA. ATI is offered both in-person and online. While the online version offers flexibility that a predetermined class schedule cannot, in-person meetings provide unparalleled experience as well.

The school was founded by Scott Newcomer who was a home inspector himself before pouring his attention into building this school. Because of his experience, the way the course is structured and the benefits that follow are completely on par with what is necessary for home inspectors.

ATI is entirely committed to helping students learn by experience rather than simply forcing them to memorize content for a final exam. As such, real-world training, fieldwork, and similar methods are implemented to help students visualize the materials they’re reading.

Additionally, ATI wants to help students prepare for their actual businesses, not just passing the exam. Because of creator Scott Newcomer’s experience, he knows all too well what it is like to be thrown into the world after passing the test with no direction. So, ATI works to prepare students from the ground up, through their education for best business practices.

You can expect this home inspector training to consist of topics ranging from HVAC to marketing and business techniques. All of the information is up-to-date and timely, and students will have access to instructor support and comprehensive exam preparation.

If you require assistance with paying, ATI provides services that many of its competitors do not. In addition to discounts, you may also be eligible for a payment plan via PayPal that allows students to split their payments up. This sort of flexibility and support is what helps ATI to sit near the top of this comprehensive list.

Student reviews speak volumes for the ATI Home Inspection Training school. The overwhelming majority of students across the country rate their experience as positive and would recommend it to others. All in all, ATI may be a great option as an online and live classroom option where available.

Professional Home Inspection Institute

Professional Home Inspection Institute

Falling in the middle of this list is Professional Home Inspection Institute. This school is not necessarily the best available, but it does have attributes that could make it a worthwhile option for studying. Included in both online and in-person classroom settings, there is something for everyone at Professional Home Inspection Institute.

Professional Home Inspection Institute is affiliated with Be Online, inc., which is the “parent company” of this school and many other online learning formats. To date, the school has educated 25,000 students across North America via informative content.

Additionally, as one of the first schools to break into the online teaching scene, PHII can clearly grow and adapt to keep up with modern topics. On that same note however, we are not sure about PHIII’s inability to update their site as well.

It would make a world of difference if Professional Home Inspection Institute simply updated their content to match competitors. The new wave of students want sleek, adaptable web pages. Old layouts cause frustration and distract from learning, regardless of how good the content is.

Deeper Look at Courses

While the website can be a bit off-putting with clusters of text and outdated navigation, the company does in fact have many qualifications. Accreditations include the Better Business Bureau, which is an institution used to uphold a standard for best business practices.

Whether you decide to study in person or online, courses include all necessary information to become licensed as outlined by the state you’re licensing in. Topics will range between all necessary areas, such as roofing and insulation as well as HVAC and mold problems.

Professional Home Inspection Institute also covers business practices to help you grow your brand once you’ve attained your license. If you’re choosing to study in-person, you will need to predetermine the dates you would like to meet and reserve those ahead of time. For the online course, it is the more flexible option with the coursework being primarily self-paced.

There are few improvements that the school could make that would potentially move it up higher on the list. However, at this time, PHII sits in the center of this countdown, neither the best or worst option for online learning platforms.

American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT)

American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT)

Fourth on the list of best home inspector training is AHIT. This school is another great option for students who require flexible online learning. AHIT stands for American Home Inspectors Training, and it is another program that works in conjunction with Mbition to supply the online learning portal that many love.

As for accreditations, American Home Inspectors Training has approval from numerous organizations. The California Real Estate Inspection Association, the American Society of Home Inspectors and more, all recognize AHIT as a quality place to study. Other important organizations lending a stamp of approval include InterNACHI and TREC.

AHIT has been in business for nearly three decades. Similar to competitors, it offers online and live coursework options to accommodate every schedule. Since then, it has garnered a great team of instructors that lead students through their studies and towards being better inspectors. Since opening, the school has educated 50,000 students and continues to prepare the newest generation of inspectors.

AHIT Coursework Breakdown

If you’re looking for classes in person, AHIT does offer 70 different locations to choose from. However, classroom learning is still not available in every state and not accessible by all even if there is one or two locations in the state. Because of this, American Home Inspectors Training online is a great alternative option to make sure everyone has access to a quality education.

The online program is self-paced and will not require any strict deadlines or schedules to participate in. Instead, students can navigate at their own speed. Courses are designed to be broken into small, manageable chunks with roughly 14 lessons. The contents cover all necessary subjects between fireplaces and code of ethics.

Sitting in the middle of this list of best home inspection schools, AHIT can be a great option for many without breaking the bank or forfeiting any required knowledge. Rest assured, in studying at this home inspection school, you’ll find everything you need to be a successful home inspector!

(Disclosure: We are affiliate partners of AHIT. This means, at no cost to you, we may earn a commission if you sign up for their course through our link.)

McKissock Learning


McKissock Learning offers students an easily accessible continuing education platform to ensure students stay up-to-date on requirements. However, McKissock only offers continuing education resources, so if you still need to be licensed, this is not the choice for you. This is our recommendation for the best continuing education option once you’ve been licensed and need to revisit the curriculum.

McKissock offers other educational programs, but they are notorious for their continuing education options. When enrolling with this school for your continuing education needs, you can expect comprehensive coverage of materials, particularly any that have been updated since you were first licensed.

The school began in 1991 and has helped 1000s of students brush up on their home inspection skills. As often stated, home inspection is not a one and done career. Instead, it is one where you must constantly be looking out for new things, updates, and safety practices.

Package and Course Offerings

You can expect an online format led by well-qualified instructors who are committed to educating you thoroughly and efficiently. Courses are lumped into varying packages, all of which will satisfy the state requirement. The package you choose will just depend on how much assistance you need and what price range you would like to stay within.

McKissock also offers a package that allows students to subscribe and take the required continuing education classes every year as required by their state. If you’re looking to cut down costs, this may be the best option for you instead of a one-off purchase every few years or so.

Any package you choose will allow you access to the same online platform, resources, and webinars. The cost for McKissock is a bit high considering you’ve already invested money into your license; however, continuing education is most often a requirement. It is best that you study with one of the best to ensure you’re gathering all of the knowledge necessary to succeed.

Best Home Inspection Schools by State

To further break down the best home inspector training in the country, we’ve gathered a list of the best home inspection training schools in each state.

Home Inspection Courses in Alabama

Alabama has a fair amount of approved home inspector training schools. However, at this time, there are no approved Alabama licensing schools on the state’s Division of Construction Management website.

It appears that the site is being updated to include a more comprehensive list of approved schools, however we recommend ICA as the best option. ICA is especially a great option in Alabama where an in-person course is offered as well.

If you’re already licensed, don’t forget to keep up with continuing education requirements. For CE credits, you might consider McKissock, or look into your chosen licensing school to see if continuing education was included in the initial purchase.

Best Home Inspector Training in Alaska

When it comes to Alaska, the state’s best online licensing program is ICA. Though, if you require more options, the state does offer a few other schools to choose from according to the Alaska State Regulatory Agency.

Of the few available, we also recommend American Home Inspection Training and Inspection Certification Associates. Both of these schools can work and will provide a quality education necessary to complete your license requirements.

Best Home Inspector Institutions in Arizona

Arizona has approved nine schools for home inspection according to the Arizona Board of Technical Registration. With so many options, it’s important to properly consider what is best. Overall, we recommend ICA for your education.

Additional schools include both private and public higher education options. Following behind ICA would be AHIT, the American Home Inspectors Training Institute. For a local option, consider the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business.

The Top Home Inspector Training Options in Arkansas

Though small, Arkansas has a decent list of approved home inspection options. According to the Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board, six schools have received approval. Of that group, our number one recommendation is ICA.

With the reliability of the school, we are confident in its ability to provide quality education. While other school’s may offer a licensing education for less than ICA, the quality is unparalleled.

Best California Home Inspection School

California is one of few states in the country that does not require students to fulfill an educational requirement in order to obtain a license. Instead, hopeful inspectors are encouraged to get an education, but once again, it is not required.

If you’re looking to gain valuable insight into the home inspection world, including how to practice safely, check our ICA review for more information. Many other institutions will offer alluring promises, but ICA is the only California home inspection school we know of to be tried and true.

Top Home Inspector Training Picks in Colorado

Similar to California, the state of Colorado does not require that you are formally educated in order to become a home inspector. However, it is recommended that you spend some time familiarizing yourself with the job via an education to ensure you are best prepared.

To get you in the best place, we recommend ICA as a friendly, reliable training option. With extensive coursework and an impeccable staff, ICA can get you ready for practicing in as little as a few weeks.

Best Home Inspector Training in Connecticut

Without a doubt, ICA is the best option in Connecticut. The institution offers flexible learning both online and in-person across the state. With a great value and the ability to work at your own pace, it’s difficult to choose any other school.

Though, the Connecticut Home Inspection Licensing Board does outline a few more options for students. If you’re looking for any other school to earn your education at, you will find a lengthy list there, including another top contender, AHIT.

Delaware Top Home Inspector Courses

Similar to its small size is a small list of approved schools by the Delaware Board of Home Inspectors. At this time, seven schools are approved for home inspector training in the state.

Our top pick is ICA, though there are a few other qualified options you can consider. Our recommendations include the national brand InterNACHI and the Professional Home Inspection Institute, or PHII.

The Best Florida Home Inspection Options

Florida does not currently provide a list of approved schools per the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Instead, students can choose which school they would like to enroll in based on their own research.

ICA is one of the best home inspection options in Florida and we recommend it for studying above all other options.

Top Home Inspection Programs in Georgia

While Georgia does not currently recommend any institutions for students, we recommend ICA for a comprehensive education. When you must pick a home inspection option it’s important to go with the most reliable and engaging curriculum. We believe that ICA provides this for students above all else.

If you would like to explore other Georgia options, you might also consider InterNACHI or a similar brand that is well established. Also keep an eye out for continuing education requirements for which we recommend McKissock.

Best Hawaii Home Inspection Schools

The beautiful state of Hawaii does not require prospective home inspectors to attend school before obtaining their license. While there are few other requirements, enrolling at an institution is not one of them.

Still, spending time with materials and learning the industry before getting started can only help, never hurt. For your introductory education, ICA will be the best option as it combines comprehensive teachings with a fun learning format.

Home Inspector Schools in Idaho

Idahoans can rejoice – there is no educational requirement mandated by the government. So, if you would like to become a home inspector without spending money on the process, you’re in luck.

Though, just because it’s not required, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t really consider studying before launching into the career. We recommend you look into ICA and its course offerings. The school will provide an excellent education on home inspecting.

Illinois Home Inspection Options

Illinois outlines acceptable home inspector schools on its website, Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. The state has currently approved 18 educational providers. With such a daunting list, you’ll want to whittle it down, ASAP.

ICA is a great school that should top that short list for home inspection school options. This is the top pick for multiple reasons, but overall, it is the top school that is offered in Illinois because it is thorough and efficiently designed both online and in-person.

Best Indiana home Inspection Institutions

Indiana has quite the list of schools it has approved for operation in the state. The Indiana Inspection Regulatory Agency list of schools is exhaustive and difficult to navigate. To make it easier, we’ve narrowed down our top picks.

Topping the list is ICA, a school available in multiple formats and including everything you need to know to be a successful home inspector. From there, AHIT or PHII are other great options to receive quality education.

Iowa Home Inspection Schools

Iowa does not require any specific educational provider for you to get your home inspection license in the state. While the freedom of this choice is nice, it can be a burden to narrow down your options.

Overall, ICA is a great choice for a home inspection training program. The school outlines all necessary topics and gives students real life perspectives into what the day-to-day happenings of a home inspector are.

Top Kansas Home Inspection Schools

Kansas is another state that does not require any sort of license and thus no education, to become a home inspector. As such, any enrollment in school is up to the prospective home inspector.

We absolutely recommend receiving an education to best prepare you for the role of home inspector, but it is not necessary. If you would like to learn formally before diving into the complicated profession, ICA is a great option for learning.

Kentucky Top Home Inspection Schools

In Kentucky, you are required to attend school before you are eligible to obtain your license. The Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors outlines all accepted education providers. We highly recommend ICA to obtain the necessary training for your licensing exam and to be an adequate home inspector.

ICA is committed not only to preparing you to ace your state test, but to also shape you into the best inspector. As for secondary options PHII, AHIT, and ATI are all great options to hopefully obtain your license in the near future.


Louisiana has over two dozen options for approved educational providers, according to the Louisiana State Board of Home Inspectors. The approved schools are fairly inclusive and of them, ICA makes for a top contender.

The well-established school is capable of providing students with everything they need to know. This includes both to complete the course and for the exam, as well as to be a great home inspector in the future.


Maine does not currently require any licensing for new home inspectors and thus, does not mandate any educational requirements. Regardless of the state’s stance, receiving an education provides endless, immeasurable benefits.

ICA is a great school to consider if you’re looking to go above and beyond and to best prepare yourself for the future of home inspection. Plus, being an alumni usually comes with perks like discounted continuing education or a reduced rate on necessary tools and software.

Maryland Best Home Inspection Schools

Though not the largest state, Maryland certainly does have a robust list of approved schools for students to choose from. You can find the entire list on the Maryland Department of Labor Home Inspectors Division site.

However, to make it easier, we’ve skimmed off the best options for you to consider. Topping the list is ICA, followed by AHIT and PHII and ATI Training.

Top Home Inspection Training Schools in Massachusetts

This New England state gives students over twenty schools to choose from for their education. According to the Massachusetts Home Inspection Licensing Division, students must complete coursework from an approved institution before becoming licensed.

If you’re looking for a program that offers robust training, materials to guide your learning, and excellent instructors, ICA is the best option on the market.

Michigan Home Inspection Schools

Michigan does not require its residents to have a license before practicing home inspection in the real estate world. As such, students do not need to enroll in a program in order to deem themselves a home inspector.

Though, as with any profession, the more education and resources you have access to, the better. In order to accustom you to being a home inspector quickly and efficiently, we recommend the home inspection school ICA to get you there.

Top Minnesota Home Inspection Options

You won’t need to worry about licensing requirements in Minnesota. The state does not have licensing requirements for its residents. Instead, you can choose your own education based on your personal preferences and needs.

ICA is a great option to ease you into the world of home inspection and to make sure that you are well-equipped for every problem that might come up.

Mississippi Home Inspector Schools

The state does require that you obtain an education prior to obtaining your license, however, there are no harsh requirements. Instead, students are free to choose what works best for them according to the Home Inspection Board of Mississippi.

When comparing your options, ICA should be a top contender. Though, we also recommend the American Home Inspectors Training. Both are great education providers, though our vote goes to ICA overall.

Missouri Best Home Inspector Training

Missouri does not require students to have a specific education in order to become licensed. Students are free to choose the program that works best for them. If you’re stuck, ICA is a great school that includes state-specific, comprehensive curriculum and numerous benefits for alumni.

Regardless, make sure your education is not one-sided training or simply a power grab by a greedy company. This is why we recommend ICA as they have a proven-track record and reliability far above industry standard.

Top Home Inspection Choices in Montana

The Montana Department of Labor and Industry outlines nearly a dozen schools fit for hopeful home inspectors. Some of these institutes are local options while others can be seen across the country.

Above all else, ICA is one of the best home inspection schools being offered in Montana. The benefits are immeasurable and students will feel confident heading into the state exam and while practicing.

Nebraska Home Inspection Programs

Nebraska is one of few states that does not require students to follow any particular pathway to becoming a practicing home inspector. This means that you will not need to complete an education requirement, though we highly recommend it to grow your knowledge base.

ICA is a great option to do so. With extensive courses and industry leaders guiding your learning, you’re in safe hands to study and continue preparing to be the best home inspector possible.

Nevada Online Home Inspection Courses

According to the Nevada Real Estate Division, Nevada will not allow students to complete their education online, instead, you must attend in-person training sessions. This can include both classroom and in the field training.

In order to ensure your program meets requirements, you will need to check in with the state when you’re ready to purchase and verify your chosen school option is acceptable.

Top New Hampshire Home Inspector Schools

This state does outline over a dozen schools on its website that are acceptable for licensing requirements. While the list, according to the New Hampshire Home Inspection Board, is long, it does not offer options solely in the best interest of students.

Therefore, we recommend sticking with schools that have been proven to provide excellent education. Our top pick is ICA, an online program that provides comprehensive coursework and excellent instructors. With this program, you’ll be on your way to practicing in no time!

New Jersey Home Inspector Training

Requiring one of the longest time commitments in the country is New Jersey. The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs requires students complete 140 hours of in-classroom training to be eligible for licensing!

That number is massive, especially when considering it is in-person instead of online. While ICA does not offer courses in New Jersey at this time, you might consider another in-person course offered from companies like ATI Training.

Best New Mexico Home Inspection Training Schools

New Mexico doesn’t require its residents to attend a school, especially not from a pre-approved list. While it’s not required that you complete educational requirements to practice in New Mexico, it is highly recommended for best results.

You will find many options out there for education in New Mexico, though there are few with the means to properly prepare you for home inspecting. ICA is a great school that does just that. With extensive support and materials, you’re able to get the best education possible.

New York Home Inspection Training

While a great state, New York offers similarly difficult education prerequisites for becoming a home inspector. The state requires 140 hours of training, just like New Jersey.

However, New York State says that of the 140 hours, 40 must be completed with in-field training and the other 100 hours can be done in a classroom setting.

With so much time spent on this endeavor, spend some extra time deciding which school is best for you. Our online schooling options aren’t applicable here, but we recommend verifying with the state that your chosen program is acceptable when you locate one.

Top North Carolina Home Inspection Training

The state has approved a decent sized list of schools to consider for your home inspection education. North Carolina’s Home Inspection Licensing Board says as long as it meets their curriculum requirements, it’s good to go.

As such, our recommendation is the online program, ICA. ICA is an excellent home inspection training platform that allows students to navigate at their own pace while keeping them engaged.

North Dakota

According to the North Dakota Secretary of State, you’re free to choose your own education. The only requirements kick in when it’s time for testing and actually practicing as a home inspector.

For an easy and comprehensive program, ICA can provide students with a top notch education, including benefits that last long after the schooling has been completed.

Ohio Home Inspector Schools

Ohio does not require you to have a license in order to perform home inspections in the state. This is a great example of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

While the state doesn’t force any sort of mandate, it can be dangerous to operate as a home inspection business without proper training. As such, we recommend all Ohioans receive some sort of education to prepare them.

For us, that decision is easy – ICA. This home inspection school offers benefits and curriculum that will prepare anyone and everyone for the ups and down of the home inspection profession.

Oklahoma Home Inspection Training

Over two dozen schools in Oklahoma have been approved for pre-licensing purposes in Oklahoma, according to the state’s Construction Industries Board. Of the choices, one tops all others – ICA.

This school is great for training students in all aspects of home inspection ranging from basic concepts to complex business building.

Best Oregon Home Inspection Institutions

Oregon offers a whopping 36 approved schools to choose from for your home inspection education. You’ll find all of your options on the Oregon Government Home Inspectors Page.

The best option on the list is ICA, which is a one-stop shop for all your licensing needs including the pre-licensing coursework, exam prep, and access to great instructors and customer support. In choosing ICA, you set yourself up for success early on.

Best Home Inspection Courses in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, there is no specific list for schools. Instead, people are free to choose the option that works best for them. As such, we recommend ICA.

ICA is a great option for pre-licensing coursework as it is thorough and provides unique benefits to enrollees and graduates. Other schools to consider are PHII and AHIT, two similar schools that round out the top three recommendations.

Rhode Island Home Inspection Schools

Rhode Island might offer a lot of options for a home inspection education, but few are viable options. Both national and local brands, it’s difficult to choose a school when there is not much information available on its practices.

ICA is a great option because it has a long-standing history across the country, in multiple states. Regardless, be sure to properly consider what you value in a school before committing.

South Carolina Best Home Inspection School

This is another state that does not have specific requirements for approved courses, though ICA remains a top contender. As a national brand, ICA is not necessarily unique to South Carolina, but it’s curriculum is.

While ICA is the top pick, you might also consider similar schools with prominent histories on the educational force. Other picks include AHIT and ATI training.

South Dakota Home Inspector Training

The state has approved over two dozen schools for studying according to the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation. There are no specific state requirements on whether the courses must be completed in person, so if you’re looking for convenience, online is a great option.

ICA is a school offering online learning in a concise and easy to follow format. In using ICA you’re able to study while maintaining freedom and convenience.

Best Home Inspection Training in Tennessee

Tennessee’s Department of Commerce has granted over two dozen schools with approval for fulfilling pre-licensing requirements. While there are both local and national schools listed there, only a few are worthy of enrollment.

ICA is the top contender as it has continually proved success for students. And other great options include AHIT, ATI training, and InterNACHI.

Regardless of which online program you choose, be sure it’s one that caters to your needs, including flexibility, course format, and more!

Texas Home Inspection Training

The Texas Department of Real Estate Commission only includes seven approved schools for the entire state. Online providers seem to be the logical choice and as a top contender, we recommend ICA.

Reliable, accessible, and affordable, ICA is a great choice for hopeful home inspectors across the state.

Top Utah Home Inspector Programs

Utah is a great place to become a home inspector as there are little guidelines and red tape to cut through in order to do so. Residents are free to choose whatever course they like and from any provider.

A great option for pre-licensing students is ICA, which provides new students with a comprehensive understanding of home inspection. The company’s coursework details what the position entails, how to be successful, how to remain safe, and more!

Vermont Home Inspector Training

Another New England State with little restrictions on what students can study in order to obtain a home inspection license. While other states might list specific options, Vermont leaves the choice open to prospective students.

If you’re having a hard time narrowing down your choices, look no further than ICA. This is a great educational program dedicated to the success of its students.

Virginia’s Best Home Inspector Schools

Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation welcomes twenty-six schools to its approved roster. As such, students have a wide list to choose from. To make it a bit easier, we recommend ICA as the best school to enroll in.

While there are many options on the market, you will not find one as robust or all-encompassing as ICA, not to mention the great benefits that alumni have access to, long after the course is done.

Washington Home Inspection Training Courses

Washington is one of the few states in the country that places an extra requirement on education. The state goes as far as to say you cannot obtain a license without first having in-person hands on training.

So while other states might require a certain amount of hours, indifferent about whether it’s online or in person, Washington insists that it be in-person classroom or field training. For recommendations, you will want to look for local options and be wary of when they’re being offered as they may be seasonal. Our top contender, ICA, offers in-person training in select states and at this time, Washington is not one of them.

West Virginia Home Inspector Schools

This state also requires local, hands-on training in order to fulfill the home inspectors educational requirement. As such, online courses will not be suitable, and you will need to instead research local offerings.

You might also consider ICA as it is a great program both online and offline. Known for providing quality education to students across the board, you cannot go wrong.

Wisconsin Home Inspector Training Courses

Wisconsin does not have any specific educational requirements for hopeful home inspectors. Instead, students will need to choose an educational program on their own. It’s important to carefully consider your options before making a decision and getting stuck in a school that does not work for you.

ICA is a great choice that makes the burdensome decision making a bit easier. In choosing ICA, you’ll have access to great content and be able to navigate it at your own pace.

Best Wyoming Home Inspector Program

Wyoming does not have any specific educational requirements to become licensed. If you would like, and we highly recommend it, you should enroll in a home inspection program to gain knowledge before jumping into the field.

ICA is a great method to do so and it can work with your schedule to help you learn as you go. Additionally, ICA is great for all skill levels and backgrounds with adaptable course materials to help you best prepare for your licensing.