ATI Home Inspector Training review

ATI Home Inspector Training Review (Final Verdict)

ATI Home Inspector Training is a home inspector school that offers both online and in-person courses for potential home inspectors. This ATI Home Inspector Training review will look at the course offerings and student reviews to determine whether it’s a quality school for you to invest in. Below you will find everything you need, including a breakdown of the benefits and potential drawbacks of this ATI Home Inspection program.

Overview Of ATI Home Inspector Training

Scott Newcomer is a successful home inspector who built two of his own multi-inspector businesses and went on to help dozens more do the same. He has been recognized as THE thought leader in inspecting homes, speaking at conferences to teach others how to make their business succeed too.

As a home inspector himself, Scott quickly realized there was no way for anyone interested in getting into this lucrative industry with little or no experience on either end (fieldwork or office work). So he founded ATI Home Inspector Training, where students learn exactly what it takes to be one of those success stories.

Scott Newcomer’s Vision

Scott knew that the best way to increase revenue as a home inspector was through clients. So, while building the ATI Home Inspector business, he simultaneously worked on a “build-a-business” starter kit for graduates, but they were getting caught up in all of the details-the website, logo design, and business cards. Every startup gets caught sinking too much time into these things instead of focusing on what really matters: finding new clients!

He realized in order to be a successful home inspector, the first step was the exam, but preparations went far beyond that. Scott found that competitors, including the very places he studied and interacted with, were only concerned with enrollees and money so he went a different route.

More on the Business

The ATI Home Inspector Training is a program designed to teach you how to become an experienced home inspector and learn the business skills necessary for success. In addition, the mentorship services are second-to-none in order to help ensure the long-term growth of your company. This unique approach sets the school apart from others, where students could simply complete hours of online videos and obtain their certificate with little real-life experience being gained through training courses.

The ATI Team

The ATI Home Inspector Training Team is comprehensive and allows all bases to be covered. Heading the team is founder and creator Scott Newcomer. Working alongside him are positions for student support, a national classroom coordinator, technical trainers, field trainers, and of course, instructors. All of these positions go to show how extensive ATI’s team is and the many benefits that it offers to students.

To better understand the school’s staff, here are a few highlighted individuals you may interact with during your time enrolled.

  • Amy Newcomer – Amy is Scott’s wife and the current Executive Vice President and co-founder. She currently works as a marketing instructor, swimming pool inspections expert, and business development consultant. She offers a unique set of skills that aid in multiple aspects of the business.
  • Jennie Hetzel – Jennie is the national classroom coordinator, and her job is to oversee the schedules of classrooms across America. As her title suggests, Jennie has a big job in comparing schedules between live courses to make sure there are smooth operations across the country.
  • Isaac Quezada – Isaac is one of the school’s instructors, specifically in Texas. He specialized in mold and termite inspection and is licensed in both in the state of Texas. He also owns a termite and home inspection business in El Paso, which means he brings real, professional experience to students. Additions like Isaac are great for guiding students via real, first-hand experiences.
  • Aaron Alumbaugh – Aaron is an Illinois state classroom and field trainer. He brings a unique skill set to the table while owning his own local home inspection business. Aaron specializes in radon and transfers his knowledge base to students.

In-Depth Look At ATI Home Inspector Training

ATI home inspections training course

The ATI home inspections training is offered both online and in-person. Below is a breakdown of what each includes. The school offers courses across the country in multiple states. As such, its curriculum is modified to meet each state’s unique requirements.

Students can become qualified home inspectors with hands-on training and following the general guidelines of the school’s course. You’ll have interactive and classroom training options that include live inspections.

Being a home inspector is an enriching experience, though daunting at times without proper training. At ATI, not only will you spend extensive time in the field, but your training provides hands-on work with physical properties to see and explore during lessons. From hot water heaters, electrical panels, and outlet panels to boilers or complete HVAC systems – everything needed for qualification can be found here!

Regardless of if you choose online or in-person learning, you can expect access to learning materials necessary for success. From videos and recordings to instructor guidance and reading materials, students can study knowing all required learning objectives as outlined by the state will be covered.

Online Courses

The online classes include the same curriculum as the in-person courses; however, the first-hand experience is naturally extremely limited. The school tries its best to offer information and materials that substitute the benefits of first-hand experiences.

Benefits of the online course option include up-to-date content, a passing guarantee, all required books, exam prep for the National Home Inspector Exam, marketing courses and materials, direct instructor support, and more! Luckily, you won’t need to forfeit many of the school’s benefits when opting for the online learning program.

It’s important to note that ATI’s online coursework is not acceptable for licensing requirements in all states. States that are exempt include Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Nevada, Virginia, Washington, or West Virginia. This is a requirement as set by the state and not an indication of ATI’s selective choosing. However, if online learning is not available in your state, you might consider in-person learning if available as it provides its own unique set of benefits.

Business Lessons and Supplies

The ATI Home Inspections school knows what it takes to not only survive but thrive in the trenches of the home inspection industry. As such, they offer a training course that will take students from start to finish on the basics to how to build their own successful home inspection business. All of the curricula will be completed with a qualified instructor by your side.

The curriculum teaches students how to act safely and in the best interest of all parties involved. Additionally, when not doing hands-on learning or covering topics like interior and exterior issues, you will be covering topics like marketing, buyer’s strategies, seller’s strategy, and real estate office tactics in order for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn the tools they need to succeed on their path of entrepreneurship

ATI recognized that first impressions matter, which is why their team is committed to providing expertly designed materials for your business! When it comes time to make an impression with potential clients or realtors, you will have an inherent layer of trust because of the materials the school helps you to create.

ATI Training – NHIE Exam Prep

This school is committed to not only certifying students but qualifying them to be excellent home inspectors. As such, they offer in-house exam prep for students to take advantage of in preparing for the National Home Inspector Exam.

Rather than focusing solely on practice questions like traditional test preps, ATI also provides customizable options for students to cater their prep to their needs. This is done via actual training via hands-on and real-life scenarios to help the concepts stick rather than simply memorizing knowledge.

The exam prep is also unique to each state in order to shave off unnecessary or misinformation. You will find both online and in-person exam prep similar to the actual courses, which can be mixed and matched to fit your needs.

ATI Home Inspector Training Pricing


ATI offers financing options to help students afford their education. You can apply for assistance online. To be eligible for financing, you must be over 18 years old, have a verifiable income, and simply desire to improve your life by becoming a home inspector. The school is happy to discuss your options with you, and they may also recommend breaking up your payments via PayPal credit rather than paying all at once.

There is only one package offered, and it is considered all-inclusive for the institution.
Online and in-person courses begin at $695. It’s rare for in-person and online classes to be the same price, but this goes to show that ATI training is just as invested in online learning as they are in person.

You will also find discounts for military officials and veterans year-round. Expect to receive 40% off of your total course costs if you have once or currently serve in any military or public service position like firefighters, EMTs, and police officers.

Pros And Cons Of Using ATI Home Inspector Training


An Abundance of Five Star Reviews

This school offers classes across the country, and it has garnered an impressive, diverse number of five-star reviews. So much so that the institution has an entire page dedicated to reviews on its website. Students cite the courses as being valuable, informational, and convenient.

Financing Options

Hopeful home inspectors come from a variety of backgrounds. It’s great to know that the school recognizes the varying needs of its students and offers ways to pay that reflects that. You may be able to get a reduced rate when talking to the school about your specific circumstances, and you may also find that the PayPal payment installations are just what you need.

Excellent Support

Not only is there direct instructor support when enrolled in both online and live classes, but the website also offers great support as well. With live chat options, phone numbers, and an online contact page, students can visit school officials with any questions that arise.

Pass Guarantee

A pass guarantee is an immeasurable benefit of this school. It means that the school is confident enough in its teachings that they will pay for your next licensing exam retake or reimburse your last one on the off chance that you do not pass.

Practice Questions and Comprehensive Exam Prep

Included in your enrollment at ATI is exam prep, including 1000s of practice questions and study guides. All of these materials will help to prepare you for your licensing exam in addition to the pre-structured coursework.

A Company with Real Experience

The ATI company was grown from the ground up with an intent to improve the licensing process. From its founders down to the curriculum offered, ATI is committed to providing students with the best experience based on their own learned trials and tribulations.

Marketing Materials Included

Because the foundation of the school is built on bringing students success, a unique benefit they offer is helping to create your branding and marketing materials. When you graduate, you can feel confident in having everything you need to conquer the market, which is a unique benefit of the program not many others offer.

Flexible Course Offerings

This school offers both online and in-person, live courses for students to choose from. If you’re not able to make it to live courses, rest assured there is an online program that offers more flexibility with a similar curriculum.

Comprehensive Insight into Home Inspection Field

On the ATI website, you will find ample information on home inspection and what the field entails. Before you choose to enroll at ATI and before deciding it’s the career path for you, be sure to read through all of the information under the “Why Home Inspection” tab to understand the best way to approach it.

Sleek, Modern Website

Home inspection and other real estate professional sites can often be outdated and hard to follow. Luckily, ATI Home Inspections Training site is modern and extremely easy to navigate. Sometimes this benefit is one that is often overlooked until a student enrolls in a school that is impossible to work through.


Only One Package Offering

Unfortunately, ATI only offers one package for their students to choose from. While it seems to be very comprehensive, some students may find they don’t require all of the benefits included in the default package. Instead of modifying to fit their needs, they are stuck with the large payment.

No Central Team

Because ATI offers courses across the country, their instructor team varies significantly. Someone studying in person in California may have a much worse experience than someone studying in-person in Texas. Without a centralized, local team, experiences may vary significantly.

Price Point

With ATI’s near $700 price tag, many hopeful students may be excluded from participation. Although this price may seem high, it is very comparable to other comparable top home inspection training schools in this industry. While the school does offer discounts and payment options, students can expect the price to still be higher than other licensing programs.

Conclusion And Verdict

Based on ATI Home Inspector’s training and proven results, we are confident in recommending this institution to new students. Its benefits are especially present in any ATI Home Inspections review across the web. From Yelp to TrustPilot, students praise this course and cite it as being the reason they passed their licensing exam and went on to become successful home inspectors.

There are few reviews on Yelp for ATI, and the institution is not Better Business Bureau accredited. This means that the school has not been accused of any major issues, and it has also not been proven to solve problems with best business practices. The fact that the school is not BBB accredited is not a major concern at the time of writing this review because it does not have any complaints.

It is a bit concerning that the school does not have a large presence on Yelp or similar platforms for an unfiltered ATI Home Inspections review to be posted about its services. As such, this ATI Home Inspections review is a bit jaded as we only have the school’s published reviews to interpret.

In the end, we are confident in this school’s offerings. Though the price may seem a bit high for many, it is comparable to the best home inspector training schools. Those that can afford the cost may find invaluable perks as a result. Because ATI is founded on the principles of preparing new home inspectors from start to finish for being successful, the courses are a great opportunity to learn from the best and have a great entry point into the profession.

Although we think ATI is a great home inspection school, we still think Inspection Certification Associates is one of the best home inspector training schools on the market. Read our ICA review to see why.