AHIT Review

AHIT Review (American Home Inspectors Training)

American Home Inspectors Training, or AHIT, is an Mbition company specializing in preparing the next wave of home inspectors. This guide will navigate everything you need to know about the school, including the program’s benefits and detriments. With so many options out there for home inspection training, it’s important to consider each school thoroughly, beginning with AHIT.

It’s important to point out that we actually accessed and went inside the AHIT course ourselves.

Overview Of AHIT

American Home Inspectors Training is an institution committed to preparing students to take on the hurdle of becoming a licensed home inspector. The team boasts excellent training practices via useful tools like business education, technology, and extended support. As such, this institution’s tagline is, “while lots of companies claim to be the best, AHIT truly does stand out from the rest!”

The company was originally founded in 1993 and since then, it has made quite the name for itself. Today, it offers both in-person training and online options, designed to fit any student’s needs. For both formats, you can expect instructors to be certified and successful home inspectors themselves.

The courses are designed to provide students with the skills necessary to not only become licensed inspectors, but to also set them up for success. AHIT fully recognizes that the work does not stop once the education is completed. Instead, home inspectors are lifetime learners.


As for accreditation, AHIT is affiliated with CREIA, TREC, ASHI, and InterNACHI. ASHI, a non-profit organization, is the American Society of Home Inspectors. This organization is responsible for setting standards that all property inspectors abide by and to provide quality education for its members. Additionally, InterNACHI is a trade association, the world’s largest, which is responsible for overseeing the home inspection profession. InterNACHI stands for the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

School Statistics

To this day, AHIT has educated over 50,000 students, a number which continues to rise every single day. As mentioned above, the school only opened in 1993, which means 50,000 students were educated in less than a 20-year time frame. AHIT earned the title of largest home inspection training company in North America.

There are over 70 in-person class locations across the country being taught by well-prepared instructors. In fact, the course instructors have over 100 years of combined experience that they are lending to enrollees.

It’s also important to mention that AHIT is an Mbition company. The two work in conjunction to provide students with a comprehensive online education.

AHIT Mission Statement

This school’s mission is clear. They describe it on their website and modify their coursework to follow suit. The primary focus of their education is to train and provide students with adequate support. This is all done in the hopes of keeping the inspection profession filled with qualified home inspectors.

Their mission does not stop there. AHIT also hopes to prepare students beyond education and into the establishment of their own home inspection company, or at the very least becoming part of a well-respected, well-qualified group.

AHIT Inspectors and Technical Trainers

To help the business thrive, AHIT has grown a team of established instructors to guide students through their learning process. Here are a few of the names you will be working with:

  • Steve O’Donnell joined the team back in 1994 after being among the first students to graduate. Today he is a licensed home inspector in Arizona, Kentucky, and Florida. He became a trainer in 2005!
  • Chris Chirafisi joined AHIT in 2001. He works in both Florida and Wisconsin as a licensed home inspector. To this date, Chris has over 2,000 home inspections completed, not to mention he’s contributed to AHIT immeasurably.
  • John Coleman graduated from AHIT in 2001 and went on to be very successful in the home inspection sector. Eventually, he decided to join AHIT as a field trainer in 2003 before becoming a technical trainer a few short years later.
  • Jim Shumacher joined AHIT after graduating in 1998. He is licensed in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Texas as a home inspector with certifications in HVAC, mold, lead, and more.

There are many more people playing critical roles on the AHIT team, but these names represent a few of the comprehensive qualities each of these people brings to the table. With a well-rounded team, AHIT is equipped to prepare students in the best way possible.

In-Depth Look At AHIT

American Home Inspectors Training AHIT

This school offers comprehensive coursework aimed at preparing the next wave of home inspectors. Courses will vary slightly depending on the state you reside in as they are customized to fit state requirements. The courses will also vary between the online and live sessions as one is offered directly via AHIT and the other via Mbition.

Both the online and in-person courses will include the necessary National Home Inspector Exam prep books, training to properly market your business and services, extensive instructor support, and a home inspector reference guide.

Online Coursework

The online course is self-paced and flexible according to each student’s unique schedules and needs. AHIT’s program focuses on all aspects of inspection, not just the technical or other one-sided issues that many other schools choose to focus on.

Luckily, AHIT posts all of its coursework topics online so that students can get a taste of the topics covered before committing. All necessary components are broken down into small micro-segments in order to make navigating easier. As such, the course is boiled down into fourteen components.

The fourteen components include:

  • exterior module
  • structural module
  • roofing module
  • electrical
  • heating and cooling module
  • interiors
  • insulation
  • ventilation
  • plumbing
  • fireplaces and wood-burning appliances
  • pools and spas
  • irrigation systems and environmental uses
  • standards of practice and code of ethics
  • business practices, risk management topics for home inspectors

Within each of these sections is a breakdown of the most important aspects necessary for learning. The online home inspection course also includes the textbook, “A Practical Guide to Home Inspection,” and plenty of online exercises to help cement what students have learned in the courses.

In-person Coursework

In-person and live courses are offered across the country, led by instructors with real experience in the field. The training program will cover topics like electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and similar common issues and features related to a home’s functionality.

Instructors and industry leaders will guide students through real-life scenarios and how-to’s from the best in the business. A unique bonus that not many other schools offer is the option to participate in real-world field training inside homes.

Live course availability is dependent on the state you live in and the season. California offers plenty of options as it is a large state and thus has year-round offerings both in Southern and Northern California. On the other hand, Alabama only offers three class sessions in Birmingham, and they occur less than once a season.

You will want to check and verify the availability for your state prior to enrolling if live in-person courses are what you’re looking for. Otherwise, there are always online offerings. Currently, courses are offered in all states but New Jersey and New Mexico. Also, Washington, Nevada, New York, Arkansas, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia do not allow for online coursework to count toward a home inspector license.

The school offers plenty of support for both learning modes. If you choose to study online, there are numerous avenues for support, including instructor and online customer service. When studying in person, you will have access to your course instructor.

AHIT Pricing

Here, you will only find one package for online learning, and it is $695.00. This price includes everything you will need. However, it is offered through Mbition. This price includes all of the required materials, flexible online learning courses, and more. You will not need to purchase anything extra, unless you would like additional reading materials, as everything you need is included in this lump sum.

On AHIT’s FAQ page, they dive into the higher cost of their coursework when compared to competitors. They cite their ability to go above and beyond competitors as a reason for the higher charge. Additionally, they’re constantly updating their materials to better reflect what the industry trends are and the needs of their students. Lastly, while other schools may choose to focus on helping students memorize the content so that they can pass the test, AHIT is more concerned with helping students learn the ins and outs of the industry. All of these reasons are provided as explanations for the price discrepancy.

To access costs for local in-person training, you will need to email or call AHIT for more information. They do not readily post pricing for that online. However, reviews from other students cite the cost of in-person learning over the $1,000 mark, which may be all of the indications you need to decide whether AHIT is right for you.

This school also sells online materials for studying and preparing to be a successful home inspector. These products range in price depending on their relevance and usefulness. Some of the textbooks and software may spill over onto the Mbition site. Marketing materials can be found for roughly $500, and you’re also able to purchase tools and other needed supplies on the website and Mbition’s site.

Pros And Cons Of Using AHIT

There are numerous pros to this home inspection program and few cons that are subjective to your unique needs. Below is a breakdown of both options for you to consider.

Pros of American Home Inspectors Training

NHIE Licensing Exam Prep

AHIT’s programs provide helpful materials to prepare for the National Home Inspector Exam. You can expect exam preparation resources, the National Home Inspector Exam manual, and helpful instruction to guide students to be successful with their exams.

Experienced Instructors

What better way to ensure that students receive a quality education than with quality teachers? AHIT boasts a great team with experience as home inspectors and oftentimes, with this very school, as many were previous alumni. As such, instructors can use their unique knowledge to determine what does and doesn’t work as they teach new generations.

Business Booster Training

Your education doesn’t stop once you’ve completed the coursework here. AHIT also offers guidance on how to navigate opening your own home inspection business and producing marketing materials. You will also be given a guide on how to form a profitable business model.

Instructor Support

The instructor support is unparalleled at AHIT. Whether you’re participating in live courses or the online offerings via impressive instructor assistance. Whether you need help with the material you’re not understanding, or if you have questions about the career path, your instructors are accessible for all student’s needs.

Home Inspection Reference Guide

Materials are included in your enrollment at AHIT. You can expect a guide outlining all of the necessary terms and definitions to perform your job effectively.

Customer Support

In addition to the extensive instructor support, students can also access technical and customer support. They will be able to answer any questions or concerns regarding your user experience. Additionally, they can, of course, help with any technical difficulties.

GoPro Video of Real Inspections

A unique benefit here? Their real-life training! When you’re not out on the town doing real inspections, the school includes go-pro, first-person account go-pro experiences. These videos are used to accompany the written coursework and provide visuals for what you’ve been learning about via text.

All in One Material Shop

AHIT lists many resources for sale on its website, which makes it a great all-in-one stop. You won’t need to go scouring the internet for all of your required materials. Instead, you can conveniently find them all in one place on this website, or by being redirected to the Mbition website.

Cons of American Home Inspectors Training

No Payment Plans or Financial Aid

Unfortunately, there are no discounts or financial aid options for students enrolled at AHIT. Competitors typically offer military discounts at the very least and sometimes payment plan options as well. By allowing students to divide up their payments, more students may find the course accessible.

One Package Option for Courses

The school only offers one package offering for its courses rather than multiple packages that include different benefits. Without multiple packages, students are forced to choose the same program, even if some of the offerings are not necessary. In essence, it would be paying for things you don’t need because you have to.

Only 12 Month Access (Not Lifetime)

Once you begin your coursework, you will have one year to continue accessing your materials. Should something come up, such as an emergency, you can rest easy knowing that your progress will be paused, and you will not need to repurchase a course.

Free webinar on how to become an inspector – You may think you already have your career path figured out if you’re looking into home inspection courses at AHIT, but the school does offer a free webinar for students to watch as well. It provides insight into the profession and can help you determine home inspecting as a career even further.


Pricing is not the worst on the market. However, it is not ideal, especially when it’s the only price point available. The online course is roughly $700, and considering there is no payment plan, many will be excluded from the course.

Online Courses Offered through Mbition

Mbition is a great company, often praised for its online presence and amenities. However, it can be considered a negative that the online version of AHIT does not exist. When being redirected to Mbition, students will find an entirely different interface and, of course, more important differences like no access to the AHIT team like an in-person course would offer.


Refunds are only given within five days of the original purchase. From the purchase amount, $250 will be deducted to cover books and materials. You will forfeit a refund if the training materials have been accessed online or if you attended an in-person class session. This refund policy leaves little room for flexibility and eliminates student’s ability to access the material and refund it if the layout or verbiage does not work for them.

Conclusion And Verdict

To round out this AHIT review, we would like to take a look at other public AHIT reviews online. Alumni rate American Home Inspectors Training across platforms, and they provide useful insight into what this company offers as a whole.

On their Indeed page, American Home Inspectors rate well. Students praise the program for providing flexibility and excellent staff members. The school also garners praise for including all of the things necessary to complete your programming on time and thoroughly. Overall, the school rates five out of 5 stars for its curriculum.

Unfortunately, AHIT is not a Better Business Bureau accredited business. BBB accreditation means that the business has been formally recognized for its ability to conduct business and address any complaints that arise with best business practices. While it is not an indication of the school’s capabilities if they are not accredited, it is a nice bonus for businesses to have that speaks to their business practices.

However, Mbition, the online software which the online AHIT courses are offered through is BBB certified. However, it is important to keep in mind that at their core, Mbition and AHIT are two different companies with different support systems and features.

Past students also publish their results on the site, and for the most part, those reviews are positive. Alumni give praise to the school for helping them learn how to run their business and the instructor’s ability to make the content enjoyable from start to finish.

Across the board, a few themes continue to show up when reviewing AHIT, both in the form of formal reviews and simply searching their website. The school has a great curriculum that is taught by even better instructors, allowing students to learn in a safe and effective manner.

We are confident in recommending this school for students looking to become home inspectors. Despite any snags or cons found in this review, it is clear that the school has much going for it. If you’re a hopeful home inspector, the American Home Inspectors Training may be a great option.

However, we still prefer Inspection Certification Associates over AHIT. Inspection Certification Associates offers much more for around the same price and you get lifetime access with ICA. Read our Inspection Certification Associates Review review to learn more.

(Disclosure: We are affiliate partners of AHIT. This means, at no cost to you, we may earn a commission if you sign up for their course through our link.)